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Dedicated to supporting families and funding research to find a cure for the rare disease of cystinosis.
One day we’ll find a cure.

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Family Support

We provide support and resources to families with cystinosis, from the early stages of diagnosis through to adulthood.

Funding & Awareness

All overhead costs for Cystinosis Ireland are covered by a private benefactor, which means that every euro raised is going directly to research and patient support.


Drug development is an expensive investment. All cystinosis related research is almost exclusively funded by patient groups like Cystinosis Ireland.

Delivering HOPE through success

We've invested 1.9 million euro into research projects at home in Ireland, and all around the world.

Supporting 21 Patients in Ireland

1.9 Million toward Cystinosis research

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Hope will find a cure

Text MINI to 50300 to donate €4

Text MINI - 100% of your donation goes to Cystinosis Ireland across most network operators. Some operators apply VAT which means that a minimum of €3.25 goes to Cystinosis Ireland. Service Providers LIKECHARITY. Helpline 0766805278