English singer, songwriter and charity advocate Joss Stone came to visit Cystinosis Ireland!

She is currently in the middle of her world tour, and we mean WORLD tour… Joss is aiming to be the first artist to perform in every country of the world! As part of this tour, she is working with a small film crew to highlight the work of one local artist and one local charity in each country she visits. Dublin, Ireland was her latest stop, and Cystinosis Ireland was her chosen charity of choice!

Joss came and interviewed our Cystinosis Ireland founder and executive board member Anne Marie O’Dowd, asking her questions about the disease, our charity, and ways that people can get involved. Joss also interviewed our fantastic friend James O’Dea (7) who talked about his favorite hobbies, milkshake flavors, food, and also about his medication. James did an excellent job of showing Joss of all the pills he has to take in a day and explaining how each of them works. Joss and the entire filming crew were cracking up at his quick wit and charm!

Thank you very much to Anne Marie, Bridget and James for participating in the interview, and thank you very much to Joss Stone and crew for choosing Cystinosis Ireland as the feature charity for Ireland on her world tour!