Donate 5th Annual Dublin Cystinosis Workshop 2019 - 26 & 27 April 2019

5th Annual Dublin Cystinosis Workshop 2019 – List of Speakers

(Profiles to follow)

Dr Olivier Govaere, Research Associate, Institute of Cellular Medicine, Newcastle University

Dr Koenraad Veys

Dr Katharina Hohenfellner

Christian Koeppl

Nadine Herzig

Christine Knerr

Dieter Haffner

Professor Craig Langman

Professor Emeritus Herbie Newell

Professor Paul Goodyer

Dr Manoe Janssen

Dr Laura Rita Rega

Dr Suja Somanadhan

Dr Hannah Blakey

Dr Brendan Keating

Dr Ahmed Reda

Mr Mick Swift


The 5th Annual Dublin Cystinosis Workshop 2019 is part funded by the Health Research Board.  Cystinosis Ireland gratefully acknowledge their support.

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