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Dublin Cystinosis Workshop 2018

The 4th Dublin Cystinosis Workshop took place on 7th April 2018 at the Hilton Hotel, Kilmainham.
Researchers attending the DCW2018 join members of the Cystinosis Ireland Executive and its chairperson, Mr Mick Swift (front right) at the DCW2018 workshop dinner.

DCW2018 Book of Abstracts

With this compilation of abstracts from the keynote speakers at our 4th Annual Dublin Cystinosis Workshop, 6/7 April 2018, we hope to bring you a flavour of the world class cystinosis research that is ongoing in laboratories across the world.  All of the research presented at our workshop aims to advance our understanding of cystinosis and to improve treatments and ultimately find a permanent cure, thereby improving the lives of those living with cystinosis and their families in Ireland and world-wide.


About the Dublin Cystinosis Workshop:

The purpose of this annual workshop is to raise awareness of cystinosis research in the research community. The aim of our workshop is to bring together this small group of researchers and clinicians to discuss research activities taking place in the field of cystinosis and to encourage collaboration between participants.

This year, Cystinosis Ireland was delighted to welcome 22 scientists from New Zealand, USA, England, Scotland, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Italy and of course from Ireland (North and South) to DCW 2018 which was held on April 7, 2018.

The speakers presented new and cutting-edge research into various aspects of cystinosis including: new drug therapy formulations and delivery strategies including the use of contact lenses for more effective ocular cysteamine delivery; understanding the molecular biology and pathophysiology of the cystinosis disease and various genetic strategies aimed at developing a long-term cure as well as discussions around issues of infertility and treatments of the disease that go beyond cystine depletion.

A key objective of this year’s workshop was to highlight important research questions that are relevant to cystinosis patients and their families but that are not well addressed by researchers yet.

The workshop was moderated by Dr James Murray, Trinity College, Dublin and Dr Patrick Harrison, University College, Cork.

The Dublin Cystinosis Workshop 2018 was kindly supported by the Health Research Board and Science Foundation Ireland.

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